B-Online was created by a team of content producers, event planners, and association directors.  We’ve both managed and promoted organizations of all shapes and sizes, including professional associations, medical academies, networking groups and more.

We understand the importance of delivering value to your members, and the stakes involved in pivoting from an in-person to online meeting.  We work with you to understand the unique requirements and benefits of your meeting, creating a custom game plan with solutions and tools hand picked to ensure your online meeting isn’t just a comprise, but a full-featured attendee experience.

Our offices are based out of the Chicago Suburbs.

John Fitzgerald

John Fitzgerald

Production Director

John has over 10 years of marketing and video production experience, having created and launched campaigns for over 50 organizations.  As B-Online’s Production Director, John works with clients to design and execute custom virtual events.  From initial planning, to training, to directing the event live, John is there every step of the way.  He is also the one writing all these bios, so it must be mentioned that he is both incredibly good looking and exceedingly intelligent.

Ryan Kowalkowski

Ryan Kowalkowski

Production Engineer

Ryan is the team’s talented rookie, leveraging his film school education to create show-stopping content for all our events.  While it’s unfortunate that he doesn’t think Braveheart is a good movie, he’s still a great asset to all our events.


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